Now that’s friendship!

Something I probably should have mentioned last Monday when I stated in this new direction of belief is that each week I am covering 4 chapters of the Gospels.  Last week was Chapter 1 of each of the 4 books (Matt, Mk, Lk, John).  I won’t always comment on each, as belief or faith may not jump off the page in a given chapter, but if you want to read along as the weeks go by, that’s the plan.  So here we go into the ch. 2’s.

The beginning of Mark 2 makes sense to me.  I’ve been meeting with three other guys in a weekly group for 6 years.  Actually, that doesn’t really describe what we do very well.  Let me restate that, I have been walking through life with three other guys the past 6 years.   Early on, we got a taste of the power of living life with others, and our friendship has continued to grow.  So when I read Mark 2 I have a context for the type of friends that must have took their buddy to Jesus.  I’m not that impressed that the guys carried their friend a long way.  I’m not even that overwhelmed by the fact that his friends dug a hole in the roof.  What blows my mind about this story is Jesus’ statement about the friends.  “When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’” (v.5)

Did you see it?  “Saw their faith…”  This was a cause-effect and it was based on the faith of the friends, not the paralyzed man.  Are you kidding me?  Jesus not only allows for our belief to play a huge role in his activity in our lives, but he also allows the faith of others to drastically affect us.   I ask myself the question today, whose mat am I helping carry, and who I am walking in friendship with allowing them to carry my mat?

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