Nothing Changes Until Something Changes 

One of my favorite people in the world, Mary Stedham, said these words to me on the phone earlier this year, “Shawn, nothing changes until something changes.” That statement has a lot to it, and it is true, so true.

Anna and I are taking that statement to heart during this Advent season. I’d like to say we are off to a great start with “unplugging for Advent”, but after our initial 36 hours with no technology it has been a battle. Life resumed early Monday morning and we returned to our normal habits of being plugged in during most waking hours. Something in us the last few weeks knew that we wanted to make a change, but we haven’t quite figured out what that change will be.

Mary is right. Nothing changes until something changes. It doesn’t have to be a big change, but if we don’t change anything, nothing will be different. So for the next few days (Friday evening until Monday morning) we are to turning off our phones during the hours we are awake and with our kids or each other.

Since our desire during Advent is to shift our focus to Jesus, each other and our kids, the practical thing to do is to take away the biggest distraction. We will turn our phones on if we need to make a call, or access the computer if we have a legitimate need to do that. We aren’t making a hard and fast rule. What we are pressing against this weekend is the constant “need” to be connected. We’ll see how it goes.

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