Not much Contentment


It is rare to meet a person who is content with being who they really are.  I know this is a part of it (see pic), but even beyond the pressures of media and keeping up with the latest style, there is something deeper in us that has a hard time with being content with exactly who we are.


Jesus teaches, “If you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself.” (Lk 18:14 msg)  That seems to go against conventional Christian teaching: “you are a sinner and don’t forget it.”  What if Jesus is referring to our true self, the one who He created?  The one who is “holy, blameless and beyond reproach”, (Col 1:22) in His eyes.    Or, maybe Jesus is talking about accepting ourselves exactly as we are today.  Taking a realistic inventory of the great things and annoying things about ourselves and accepting all of it.


My guess is that often the Father is shaking his head at our lack of contentment with being exactly who He created us to be.  He longs for us to believe what He says about us, and to live out of that reality.


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