More on Story-ing

Five years ago I left teenage ministry and joined the staff of a men’s ministry in Seattle.  We had been using the Story-ing method with teenagers for a few years and I wondered if it would be a tool for men in my new role.  In the mean time, I continued to develop a friendship with one of the guys in Tacoma that wrote the curriculum.  I specifically became interested in the church that he helped start using Story-ing as a primary tool for helping folks come to know God.   Not only were they using this tool, but they were doing Missional Communities before that term became a buzz-word in church planting circles across the country.  My wife and I learned from them about Missional Communities and were hopeful that we could find a church in our area that was using similar methods.  We struck out, but through the process of moving from Auburn to Seattle we begin to pray about how we could be part of a Missional Community.

Three years ago we set up a meeting with our friends who planted the church in Tacoma, specifically for the reasons of figuring out how to help plant a similar church in Seattle.  The meeting went great and we left energized about the potential.  One thing was clear to us, pray, a lot!  We knew that we weren’t being called to start a new church or lead the charge, so we begin to pray for others with a similar desire to surface.  We also began to consistently pray for our neighbors to be open to Jesus (a primary role of missional communities is to care for those around you.)  Along with praying we decided to do the story of God with our own kids.  Moriah was 5 and Elijah was 3.  Our friends had recently release The Story of God for kids and we decided to give it a whirl.  The experience was remarkable!  Our kids (especially Moriah) were learning and comprehending the story of God at a very young age.    It went so well the first few times that we decided to set a weekly time for us to be together as a family and go through one of the stories.  This became a highlight of the week that our kids anticipated.  We were thrilled!

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