Mentors – Dad continued

I had the privilege of learning the Lord’s command to “honor your father and mother” through my own father.   A number of years ago my grandmother got sick.  I watched my dad often put his life “on hold” in order to care for his mother.  When she was still living a few miles away from him he would take time on the weekend or after work to complete projects around her home.  For years he would call her each day on his way to work to check on her and see if she had any needs for the day.  In her last few years when she was living in town in an assisted living home he would visit most days and see to it that she was cared for very well.  In her final months he was the embodiment of Jesus to his mother.  I learned so much for watching him from afar, and am grateful for his wonderful model of honoring her through his care, and honoring his father through caring for his wife years after his passing.

It has been really fun the watch my dad and hear stories about the way that he is mentoring younger guys in his line of work the past number of years.  At a time when many men spend their days on the golf course, my dad is spending extra time making sure that he takes every opportunity to pass on what he has learned about business and leadership to the next generation of tax appraisers.  He often burns up the road to rural communities in order to serve others who need help along the way.

One other quite means of service that I have learned from my dad is care for the poor.  For years he has delivered Meals on Wheels to shut-ins.  He could easily delegate this to a member of his church or ask someone else to share in the duties, but each week he gets in his car and drives his route to deliver food, a warm smile and a bit of conversation to those in need.  This has been a great model for me.


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