Mentors – CRod

A few weeks ago I started to write about mentors, beginning with my granddad.  I got a bit sidetracked, but am ready to proceed.  It was a Sunday night in the fall of 1994 that I met Chuck, CRod, we call him.  I had been invited to a Young Life Leadership training night to check out the ministry and Chuck was leading the time.  Two things stuck out right off the bat: he played hacky sack with us on the back porch before dinner, and he was very welcoming.

To say that Chuck has had an influence on my life would be like saying that Vince Young contributed to the Texas win over USC in the National Championship. Almost immediately after I met Chuck, he took me “under his wing” and began to teach me about life and ministry.  One of the most significant things I picked up early on was that he was more interested in me as a person than he was in my contribution to the ministry.  He didn’t just teach me, he walked with me through some of the toughest years of my life, and was always there to encourage me when I didn’t want to press on.

I’ve heard it said that you won’t really know how to mentors others until you have been mentored, but once it happens to you, it is the only method you chose.   Because of Chuck, my first thought when I meet someone who is in need or someone who would like to participate in ministry, is to walk with them together toward Jesus.  More to come on my friend CRod…


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