May 5: Fish Contest

We awoke on Day 5 to our last day of fishing.  The night before we all put a few bucks in the pot for a fun contest of who could land the biggest fish on our final day.  After a slow day of fishing on Day 3 we were all anxious to catch some trout!

Our last full morning together was a great.  We went over the section of Wild at Heart titled, The Beauty.  In this chapter Eldredge contends that every woman longs to be pursued, to share in adventure and to unveil her beauty.  This content provided a great framework for a conversation among the group about how to be good husbands to our wives.    As the discussion continued we reminded each other that the best way to love our wives is to continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus.

The meals on Day 5 were over the top!  Breakfast was amazing as usual, and then Jason outdid himself by serving homemade pastrami for lunch, wow!  After lunch the fishing contest began.  Eleven fisherman, 3 private lakes and one beautiful day.  Two of the three lakes we fished hadn’t been fished in years and the size of the fish we caught were proof!

shawn w fishshawn with rodWe fished for six hours and the winner was Mark (the true fly fisherman of our group) at 26 inches.  Check this rainbow out:

fish contest winner

Needless to say it was a fun day of catching fish.  I caught 12 that day, and most of the guys caught even more than that.  It was a great way to end the fly fishing part of the trip.

Jason served is Wagyu Kobe beef steaks with all the fixin’s for our last dinner together.  We dined like kings and began our meal with a what had become a traditional toast, “To the King.”  The last event together was great.  We told stories, received handmade flies from Mark, and talked about all we were taking back home with us from the week.  We rested well that evening and prepared for our final half day together.

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