Making a house into a home

What makes a house into a home?  This weekend we moved most of our things out of our place in preparation for our move to Seattle.  We have been in this house for 5 years, and somewhere along the way it became our home.

As Anna and I processed it last Saturday night, I realized that we are leaving my favorite place.  My favorite hangout, restaurant, place to have fun, place to pray, place to rest.  Anna has played a huge role in making our house into a home.  She is a decorating genieous, the kind who somehow can make a rusted old milk jug or an old door propped on its side look good.

But it’s more than decorations that make a house into a home.  I know it sounds cliche’, but it’s love and acceptance.  Walking in at the end of the day to a hug or kiss from Anna and cheers from the kids.  Making Sat morning waffles with our four year old.  All four of us piling in our king size bed for movie night.  Dinner around the table each night.  Cooking alongside Anna, and partnering on projects.  All of this adds up to a home.

“Unless the Lord build the house those who labor do so in vain”  Ps 127:1

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