We just got back from being gone for a week in Texas.  One of our adventures while we were there was Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park with our family.  All was going well until we realized that we lost our 4-year old daughter, Moriah.  All of the sudden she was gone!

The first few minutes of searching were somewhat calm, but then we all got panicked.  I sprinted to the exit having to allow my mind to think of the worst scenario, that someone grabbed her and would try to get out of the park.  All of the other adults in our family frantically ran around the park searching for our little girl.  10 minutes past, no sign; 20 minutes, nothing, 30 minutes…My sister was the first one to make it to the Lost Parents counter.  She described Moriah and they escorted her back to a room where Moriah was playing with puzzles.  A park worked had noticed that she was lost and taken her to this safe place.

It was 45 minutes from the time we lost Moriah to the time I got the news that she was found.  Most of what was going through my mind was a prayer of belief.  Believing that God knew where Moriah was, that He would protect her,  that He could get her back to us safely.  The words of Jesus in John 14:1 were a comfort to me that day: “Do not let your heart be troubled;  believe in God, believe also in Me.”  Jesus teaches us that belief keeps our heart from being troubled.   Oh, believe me, my heart was troubled, but the belief that God was in control overshadowed my troubled heart.

The reunion with Moriah was very emotional.  Seeing her face, running to her, having both arms wrapped around my neck, and hearing her say Daddy, was almost more that I could bear.   To believe that we have a Father that loves us infinitely more than I love my daughter is what it means to truly believe.

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