Lenten Season is over, now what?

We made it!  If you are reading this post then you probably participated, at some level, in Lent 2010.  It was a great season of walking with the Lord focusing on the truth of what He says about us.  I especially enjoyed doing it with so many friends.  Thanks for the incredible encouragement, insightful feedback and the shared journey together.

I have decided to continue on with my daily posts.  My plan, at this point, is to pick a theme and un with it.  For many years I was paralyzed by fear.  Three and half years ago I was faced head on with this fear and had two choices, remain paralyzed by it, or walk through it with Jesus.  In a time of listening to the Lord, He told me to go through all 4 Gospels and journal  every time faith or belief or unbelief came up.  I took 4 months to do this slowly, and my findings were astounding! For the next bit of time I am going to share the things that have been revealed through this process with the Lord.

I hope you chose to join me as we look at the importance that Jesus placed on belief.  It might shock you, I know it has me…

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