Lent Day 8: Lively Energy

One of the best things I have ever read on addiction in from David Ricco.  He calls addictions surrogates.  “What do these surrogates do? They cover up the feelings you might have in response to what is coming up in your life.  Secondly, surrogates, such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, etc, replace, blockade and ultimately extinguish our lively energy.  You become split off from all the wonderful powers inside – the powers that are your lively energy.” 

Ricco goes on to talk about how to get out of the cycle of turning from the surrogates.  He says that the way out is to go back into self and realize the power that is inside.  He states, “When fear or any feeling strikes you, stop in your tracks and let it happen; let it go all the way through you and go to ground, like a lightning bolt through a lightning rod.”  So next time you are tempted to choose the surrogate because you are feeling bad or down or drowsy, shift the focus internally are realize that you already have all you need inside you to handle any feeling that is coming up. 

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