Lent Day 7: Lose it, Find it

Jesus says, “If you lose your life (self), for my sake you save it (find it).” 

I don’t believe Jesus is telling us not to be concerned with ourselves, but instead if offering us a path beyond self.  This self He is referring to is merely the image we hold of ourselves in our own consciousness. 

Norman Grubb has done some fascinating writings on this topic.  This is one of the excerpts from the daily devotional:

But ONE THING STANDS OUT in this finally sharpening confirming process, that there IS TOTAL TOTAL death to everything with nothing left to us but CHRIST AS US. I KNOW THIS IS VITAL AND PIVOTAL. Most good evangelicals can take Christ in me, because it leaves really Christ and a “me”. But Christ AS me leaves no me! I’m dissolved and HE AS ME and we who’ve gone that total way KNOW ITS TOTAL. But to others the truth of Christ in me, it is just the way over to DANGEROUS HERESY, which makes the ultimate difference among us.

Grubb is suggesting that our truest self is Christ AS US.  The self that Jesus is asking us to lose is the one that we have created in order to handle the day-to-day world that we live in.  It is a mystery to be sure, but I tend to agree with Grubb that our truest self is simply Christ operating in and through us. 

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