Lent Day 40

It’s Holy Saturday, day 40 of this Lenten season.  We have almost made it! While Jesus is symbolically in the tomb today, we are completing the Lenten journey.  How has it been for you?  Do you feel rested and refreshed?  I hope so, Jesus died so that we could have a place to always come home to, to receive the ultimate rest that only He can provide.

When Jesus goes to visit the disciples after his resurrection, the first words out of his mouth are, “Peace be with you.”  (Jn 20:19)  He could have chosen any number of things to say to these men, but he chooses to communicate calmness and peace to them.  “Guys, it’s going to be ok.  I’m here, don’t hide out and remain fearful.  Rest in the reality that I have conquered death.  Be still.”  These men were hiding out thinking they were next to be killed and Jesus shows up to give them a message of hope and peace.

Hopefully you have experienced a taste of rest and peace this Lenten season.  I know I have.  It’s amazing how the Lord shows up and answers our prayers when we give him our time and attention.  I am completing this season of focus on rest with a new perspective.  The Lord has showed me that rest and Sabbath are integral to experiencing life to the fullest.  Without rest I can hardly distinguish myself from the world that pays no attention to Jesus.  I realize now that learning to rest is tied into my salvation (Is 30:15).  I plan to continue to slowly learn to rest.  How about you?  What is the resurrected Jesus saying to you as you finish this season of rest?  Take time to listen, He is sure to speak…

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Joann – thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed your Lenten reflections as well. Now where do we go with our blogs??? Have a good week. Shawn

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