Lent Day 4: Is There Fear Behind Control?

I read an incredible book in 2011 that addresses control called When Love Meets Fear.  The author writes: “Wanting to be in control is another way of saying: I am afraid of having to grieve.  I am afraid that if you do not give me what I want I will feel bad and I will have to grieve the loss.  I do not really control to get my way as much as to avoid how bad I feel if I do not get my way.” (p 112) This is a fascinating insight about the inner workings of control.   I agree that control is rooted in fear.  We are simply afraid of what might happen if we don’t control, so we do our best to make sure that every situation produces our desired outcome.
I am doing my best, heck I’m only three days into this, to not control situations in my life.  Especially the situations that I know are difficult for me to surrender to the Lord.   It’s a scary endeavor, but I believe that there is life on the other side of control.

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