Lent Day 39: Good Friday

Two verses stand out to me on this Good Friday:

“His blood shall be on us and our children” Matt 27:25

I’ve never paid much attention to this verse.  How ironic, Jesus died for all, even his accusers and betrayers.  Little did they know how true this statement was that they were making.  Literally, His blood was given for them and their children.  They were “placing it” on themselves while Jesus was doing what needed to be done to place His own blood over their doorpost so that they could be passed over.

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me!” (Matt 27:46)

God, if we understand the term God in its correct sense, (God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and not just God the Father, this is a significant verse.  At this moment was the communion of God broken?  The communion that always was from the beginning of all, the communion between Father, Son, Holy Spirit.   I would venture to say that it was broken for a brief time, and it was broken to invite us into that Communion with God once and for all.  Jesus gave up his place in this ultimate Communion between F, S and HS, in order to allow us access, in order to invite us in!  He surrendered his position, fully releasing control of his destiny.  Our communion with God was broken in the Garden of Eden, and the events that lead to our restoration of that communion began in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus had to give up his rightful position so that we could have a place at the table.  Remarkable!

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