Lent Day 36: What We Really Long For

In these next 4 days of journeying toward the Cross we are going to look at 4 things that Jesus, and only Jesus, can provide for us.  Each of these things are what we are ultimately looking for in life, but often settle for less through attaching ourselves to addictions.  This past week I have been reading a book by Tim Timmons called Jesus Plus Nothing.  The basic premise of the book is that Tim became one of the first “mega-church” pastors, author of a number of books, counselor of many, and yet lost Jesus in the process.  He realized that he had substituted religion for relationship.  His book talks about his journey back to Jesus and what he has found in the process. 

In this book Timmons talks about 4 experiences that only Jesus can offer.  This will be the focus of the next 4 days of Lent.  In Timmons words, “Since I returned to following Jesus I have found four experiences that have become amazingly real to me.  On the negative side of the emotional ledger we humans are continually struggling with FEAR, ANGER, GUILT and SHAME.  Jesus offers a positive counter-experience to each of these toxic emotions…”  Stay tuned the final for days of Lent to see what Jesus offers as a substitute for these emotions that can so often overcome us. 

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