Lent Day 35

Here we are, Holy Week.  It’s been a good run through Lent so far.  As we enter into this week may we do our best to insert ourselves into what it must have been like for Jesus that week.  I wonder sometimes how He could have handled the drastic shift from being praised as a king on Sunday and crucified just a few days later.  Literally, he went from hearing the crowd shout “Hosanna!” to hearing the same crowd shout “Crucify him!” in a matter of days.   How did He handle that?  I guess He was used to it.  As we see in the Gospel stories, he had a lot of people that were becoming true followers, yet many who wanted him dead.  All the while he was able to keep the Father’s voice at the forefront of his mind.

Is it possible that we could somehow do that as well?  That we could accept incredible amounts of praise as well as incredible amounts of ridicule without forgetting who we are.  I think that one of the great challenges of life is to allow, as Henry Noewen puts it, “The voice of the one who calls us beloved” to be the main voice we listen to.  As I reflect on Lent 2010 that has been my main takeaway… listening to God’s voice, what He says about me instead of the voice of the world and the Evil One.  John 17 gives me great hope.  Knowing that his death is near, Jesus prays for himself, for his disciples and for all believers.  This is his desire for each of us, “I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” (John 17:20b-21)  The Evil One would love nothing more than for us to live separated from that very truth, that we are one as the Father and Jesus are one.  Satan wants us to think that we are on our own, that we have been left to negotiate this life by ourselves.  That is so far from the truth!  Through the Cross, Jesus made it possible for us to be one with the Father just as Adam and Eve were one.  That is our reality today; may we live into it.
Lie:  We are on our own in this life

Truth: We have been made one with the Father through Jesus

“…that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.”

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Shawn, a great question about Jesus and how did he handle the praise and then the scorn. I am always amazed at how Jesus never tried to defend himself when he was arrested. He was steady, consistent, knew who he was, saw the big picture, knew his purpose, and therefore, had no need to be reactionary or defensive, (he had nothing to defend). He was so one with the Father that he was grounded at the very core of his being. He was at peace with his purpose and his relationship with the father. God was/is his ontology, just as he is our ontology. I contrast this with how often I am in my life. The more in tune I am with the Holy Spirit the more focused, non attached, and less defensive I am. The more I am not with the Holy Spirit on a moment to moment basis the more I am moved around by the activities of my life and those around me who “are not good on my terms” and I am not filled with the spirit and the fruits of the spirit are not very evident. The focus is to return to Jesus all the time, to practice His presence and to seek Him all the time. This is our only hope! I must be addicted to God and Jesus through the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. Talk to him about anything and everything, without ceasing. This fosters a closeness that I have to have in order to live, it grows and grows. I read the other day something by William Menninger, and he said that we are to have moderation in everything in our lives except in our relationship with God, there we can never have enough. You are very right, we are not alone we are one with Jesus through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and I might add we are then one with all other believers for all of eternity. If we truly believe this truth, and live it, then we will be free, and we will know life as it should be!

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