Lent Day 35: Addicted to Jesus

As we begin Holy Week together I want to revisit where we began together that first week of Lent.  The original question I asked Day 1 of Lent was, “what is keeping you from making your relationship with Jesus the priority in life?”  As we near the Cross on Good Friday and prepare to celebrate the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, what has the Lord revealed to you this Lenten season?  What are the one or two things that you can put your finger on that are keeping you from making relationship with Jesus the priority of your life?  

If the Lord hasn’t made it clear to you what the obstacles are to Him, I believe that He will reveal them this week.   His desire is simple: He desperately longs for intimacy with us.   This is why the addictions we have are so powerful!  The Enemy has to do something to keep us from being open to God’s pursuit of us.  If he can’t take us out completely, he can at least do his best to distract us with temptations and addictions that keep us in bondage.  All the while Jesus is asking us to surrender those things that we cling to for comfort, in order that He can get at us. 

As I have spent time with quite a few folks who have done life well, the one common theme is time alone with Jesus.   Each of these people has figured out a way to create space for God to get at them on a consistent basis.   The fascinating thing is that the people I know who have made relationship with Jesus a priority are very different in personality and demeanor.  Some are introverts, some extroverts, some type A, some type B, some morning people, some evening people.  They have basically figured out a consistent time that works for them and made Jesus a priority.   As Brennan Manning says, “…it moves from I should prayer, to I must pray.” 

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