Lent Day 34: An Invitation to Fast During Holy Week

Fifteen years ago I was invited to participate in a fast.  I had never fasted, but was intrigued with the idea so I said yes.  I still remember breaking the fast with the folks who invited me to join them in this ancient ritual.  As we approach Holy Week, I would like to do the same for you.  Maybe you are versed in the practice of fasting, or maybe this will be new to you.  Whatever your experience, I believe the Lord will meet us as we do this together.

Good Friday is a little less than a week away.  I would like to ask you to join me in fasting on Good Friday.  Any time we fast we are asking the Lord to do something in us that we cannot do ourselves.  It is appropriate to make my tendency to control the focus of my fast.  The way it works is that we will each eat dinner Thursday night and then break that fast with breakfast on Saturday.  (That’s why it’s called breakfast by the way break-fast).   Here are a few thoughts to consider on fasting:

“Fasting is an expression of love and devotion, in which one sacrifices earthly satisfaction to attain the heavenly.”  – Tito Colliander

Read Isaiah 58:1-10

Fasting is an outlet for compassion and a guard upon obedience; it destroys evil thoughts and roots out the insensibility of the heart.

Fasting is a step on the road in the struggle against being focused on self.  Fasting opens the entrance to a territory that we have scarcely glimpsed: true life, love and peace.

The Church has given us a teacher who surpasses all others and who can reach us everywhere.  It is holy fasting.  God does not need our fasting, he does not need our prayer.  He instead allows us to bring Him offerings for the sake of our own salvation.

(these statements are from various authors on fasting)

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