Lent Day 33: The Long Road toward belief

A little about these prayers. Many of the words or statements have specific meaning to me. I list my middle name because my granddad, Raymond Petree, is still my greatest hero. He loved Jesus, loved people and loved me. His life inspires me each day. Beloved: most days I write in my journal, and 9 years ago I started signing Beloved at the end of each entry as a reminder of who I am. A prince: I am a son of the King therefore making me a prince. A saint: I believe the scriptures affirm that I am a saint who sins and not a sinner at my core. I chose joy today: I believe that joy is a choice and I remind myself each day that I can choose joy today. Each of the descriptive words that I use is specifically speaking against a lie I used to believe about myself. For instance, for many years I believed I was weak. I specifically speak against that lie with the proclamation that I am strong. Husband to a beautiful Godly wife: This reminds me of the truth about my sweet bride. She is beautiful and she is Godly. Father to three provided children: this reminds me each day that our kids are a provision and that being a father is a core role in my life. Friend to many: The Lord has called me to be a friend to many.

It could seem from reading this that I have conquered all of my fears and the lies that kept me down. Yes and no. Yes, I now believe the truth about myself and not the lies, but I am still tempted, at times, to believe the lies. That is why praying this prayer each morning for the past ten years has become so important for me. In reflecting about his own daily time with Jesus, one man said, “I come here each morning to remember who I am.” That is what this prayer is all about, remembering the truth about who I am and what God says about me.

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