Lent Day 33

The question for the day: (No it’s not did you file your taxes on time?) Are you using all of your vacation days?  I know it’s easy to justify them away.  I did that for years.  Things are too busy at work, it’s more hassle to play catch up when you get back and on and on.  Let’s be honest about the real reason: we think we are too important and that things won’t continue without us.
It’s a good thing that Jesus didn’t operate that way.  If he had gone about his ministry with this mindset then he would have never trusted the disciples with his message.  His life-giving ministry would have ended with him and we would be in a real bind.  Instead of working this way, he spent his three years giving more and more of his ministry away to a questionable group of men.  These guys fought over who was the greatest, displayed very little faith, and often came running back to him with reports of failure.  Jesus was patient with them and continued to trust that these guys could handle the task at hand.  A good question to ask ourselves is whom are we giving away our work to?  One of the best things we can do is teach others how to do our jobs and trust that they can handle it.
So, get out that vacation spreadsheet and start using those days.  After all, none of us are really that important.

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