Lent Day 32: The Next “Next Thing”

Yesterday I wrote about being focused on the next thing. Play this out in your head. What is it that you wish was over today? In other words, what stage of life, career path, situation, illness, appointment, or confrontation are you wishing away? Are you single and want to be married? Married and wish you could get pregnant, have little kids and wish they were older, have teenagers and wish they were out of the house? Are you between jobs and wish you could find that job that fulfills you, in a relationship that you wish was better, wishing for more income, less busyness…. What is it for you that you wish was over?

Ok, now imagine that IT is over. (Honestly, take a moment to pause and imagine that IT is over) Are you relieved? Are you content? Think back to the last stage of life or situation that you wished was over, and is indeed now past. Do you have a real sense of liberation? Chances are if you are in the mindset of wishing away time and situations, then that sense of relief of IT being over never really lasts.

Well, you are in good company. Most people in America struggle with this addiction. The only way I have found to combat this temptation is to worship the Lord. To pay attention to all the Lord is doing right now, and to give him thanks and praise for this very moment. It’s amazing how many things I have to be grateful for when I take the time to think about all the Lord is doing, and all He is providing. He is truly worthy to be praised!

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