Lent Day 32: Creating Space

Jesus was great at creating space for the Father.  I learned a great definition of prayer from Henry Nouwen a number of years ago.  “Prayer is creating space for God to get at us.”  Nouwen goes on to explain practical prayer as being with God and God alone.  Listen to His voice, the voice of the one that calls us Beloved.  That is essentially what prayer is: listening to God.  That’s what Jesus did and all of the time people were applauding him, and people were laughing at him; praising him and rejecting Him; they were yelling Hosanna, and yelling crucify & the only way He got through all of that was by knowing one thing, “I am the Beloved” and he clung to that voice. If we can get that image in our minds that that is where we belong, then we can live in the middle of this world without losing our identity.  B/C we know that our identity is that we are loved by God.

Jesus understood who he was because he often created space to be with the Father.  As I work on this practice of creating space in my life between stimulus and control, these words from Nouwen are very helpful.  As I enter into situations and relationships that are temping to want to control I can invite Jesus into the process.  He can handle it!  Whatever the situation, He is able to free of this tendency toward control.  Not only can He do this, but He wants to!  His desire is for me to live a surrendered life trusting Him with every situation and relationship.

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