Lent Day 32: Breaking the Lies

As theses lies came to the surface I knew that something had to be done about it there in the San Juan Islands that weekend. Sunday morning of the trip Ryan and I crept over a bluff, journal in hand. I shared with him the lies that the Father had revealed, and asked him to pray through each lie with me in order to break my cycle of fear and unbelief. We put a stake in the ground that morning on Saddlebag Island. The lies were broken and the hard work of replacing those lies with truth was awaiting me back home. Thankfully, before our trip ended the Lord walked me through an amazing experience of writing down His truth about me. I used the famous “What is your name” scene from the movie Gladiator as a template, and this is what I wrote:

(I have read this statement each morning for the past 10 years. It has become a daily prayer for me. As Jesus has continued to reveal new truths about myself I have tweaked the prayer. In fact, the prayer in my journal today looks quite a bit different):

My name is Shawn Raymond Petree, Beloved, I am loved.

I am Your chosen son. I am family.  Your Spirit is in me. Christ is formed (and is forming) in me. I am an heir of Your Kingdom, a prince, a saint.

I choose joy and gratitude today!

I am a strong, confident, warm, generous, assertive, courageous, creative man, a writer, a warrior

Husband to a beautiful Godly wife. Father to three provided children

Friend to many.  I am loved.

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