Lent Day 31: Sit The Next One Out

Through this book I have mentioned a few times during Lent, When Love Meets Fear, I am learning about creating “space”.  The idea is to begin to allow for a pause between something happening and my reaction to it.  Basically, when I situation comes up that I typically try to control, I instead chose to create a space between the situation and my reaction.  I know this sounds like a bit of psycho-babble, but I am finding this little discipline helpful in the Lord working on my tendency to control.

In the author, David Ricco’s words: “Spaces will never happen to those who have chosen to live totally within the limits.  Nor will there be space for those who impose those same limits on other people by continually controlling.  As long as we are filled in, the spiritual definition of Self, which is pure space, cannot get through to us.”

Ricco goes on to say, “Before I try to avoid fear by controlling someone, I pause and then I do not do it.  That brings space in.   I do not think I will control of rationalize this time; I will sit this one out.  Then space opens, i.e., I open.”

I am finding this simple technique very helpful in everyday life.  Give it a try.  As hard as it is, try to sit the next one out…

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