Lent Day 31: Addicted to the “Next Thing”

Addiction to the “next thing” is a powerful addiction.  The next day, next meeting, next hour, next conference, next sermon, next __________.  I realized I while back that I was getting into a habit of counting down the hours and minutes until we got our three kids to bed.  We have a 6, 5 and 2 year old.  Afternoons and evenings after I get home from work can be a little chaotic.  I walk in the door and each of the kids wants a long “lifty” hug.  Next, each of them wants to play something different and wants me to join them in their playing.  Dinner can be a bit of a circus.  Kids complaining, touching each other, not eating, asking for more, you name it.  Then there are the bedtime rituals, which can be lengthy.  

The problem with wishing that the hour would come when the kids are down for bed, is that it sets up a pattern of wishing away some of the best moments in life.  Hugs from kids (that they initiate), playing on the floor, getting to share a meal together with family, read books, cuddle, sing bedtime songs.  These days are numbered and will be gone very soon.  Wishing away these sweet moments out of tiredness or lack of patience seems like the road to regret. 

I would like to say I have recovered from this addiction, but I am a novice.  The Lord is patient with me though, and I am slowly learning to live in the moment instead of looking forward to the next thing.  (More on this tomorrow)

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