Lent Day 30

Our natural reaction is guilt and shame.  Anytime we do something wrong the lies flood in.  Before we know it, we believe more about what the lies say about us than we do the truth of what God says about us.  Now some guilt is justified, and is the means that leads us to repentance, but often the guilt outweighs the wrongdoing.

Paul gives us great hope in Acts 13.  He is laying out the Gospel to the Jews, telling the story from Pharoah to the present time, and this is the statement that he ends with: “Everyone who believes in Him is freed from all guilt and declared right with God.” (v.39)  Before Jesus accomplished what He did on the Cross, it took a priest to make people right with God.  Paul is teaching us that belief leads to freedom from guilt and right relationship with God!

It is so easy for us to buy into the lies.  They creep in subtly, and before we know it we aren’t living as free people who have been made right with God.   There is even something in us that says we need to stay in a posture of guilt for a certain amount of time in order to let God know that we are truly sorry.  The opposite is true!  He desires us to come to Him, confess our sin and accept his forgiveness and freedom.

Lie: We must wallow in guilt and shame in order to truly be forgiven by God

Truth: Belief is Jesus brings freedom from guilt

“Everyone who believes in Him is freed from all guilt and declared right with God.” (Acts 13:39)

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