Lent Day 30: Addicted to Books

This is a hard one for me to write about because it hits a little too close to home.  I am a recovering book addict.  Specifically, spiritual “self-help” books.  For years I lived off if the high of the “next book.”  I would be in a group setting and hear someone talk about an amazing book they were reading.  I would quickly add it to my list of book to read, and soon would be thumbing through the pages of yet another book looking for the answers to life. 

Occasionally I would read an amazing book that really did aide me in my walk with Jesus.  Often the difficulty with finding that book that seemed to answer a lot of questions or explain an aspect of me, was that the book became an idol.  Something would happen in my life and I would refer back to the page(s) that I had read countless times.  There was comfort in these pages because the author seemed to understand me.  Bottom line, the book became my primary Savior, not Jesus.  In my morning time with the Lord I would fly through my Scripture reading for the day so that I could get to my latest book, or return to some of the favorite pages of “my” books. 

My recovery from addiction to books has been very life giving.  When I hear someone talk about a great book I no longer frantically look for something to write with, or open my “books to read” note on my phone.  I still read books and enjoy learning about Jesus, others and myself, but the need to read the next book or refer to “that page” for the 20th time has subsided.  I have actually been wasting time reading novels… (who would have thought) 

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