Lent Day 30

I love the story of Jesus sleeping in the middle of a storm. Either he really liked the sound of the waves (I have to admit I sleep well to that sound) and the rock of the boat, or he was really tired from his workday. There was really only one reason he was able to sleep while the rest of the guys were working hard to keep the boat afloat: faith.

Jesus had absolute faith in his Father to take care of himself and his friends. He wasn’t worried about the external forces of life that cause so many of us to worry. He could rest in the midst of chaos because he is Lord over the chaos. While the disciples are bailing water and yelling out sea terms Jesus is asleep in a cushion. The irony of this scene is that the disciples rebuke Jesus for not working alongside them in the midst of this difficult situation. So Jesus awakes, wipes the sleepy from his eyes, walks to the edge of the boat and says, “Quiet, Be still.” Immediately the wind subsides and the water is completely calm. I can just see the looks on their faces. Dripping wet and in absolute astonishment, these men wonder who, in the heck, this guy is.

Jesus gives us a great example of a posture of faith in this passage from Mark 4. He rests in the midst of chaos believing that his Father will give him the ability to handle the situation. The rescue doesn’t come from hard work, but instead from simple faith.

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