Lent Day 3: Technology can consume us

One of the most subtle addictions today is technology.  Before you dismiss this addiction, ask yourself how much time you spend each day with technology.  Also ask yourself if there is any point in the day when you aren’t accessible by phone or email.  It’s scary to think how normal it has become for us to be accessed.  The cultural norm is for us to be able to respond to texts, emails and phone calls immediately.

WebMD states, “We are now more wired than ever. Researchers from the University of Glasgow found that half of the study participants reported checking their email once an hour, while some individuals check up to 30 to 40 times an hour.”  What is your pattern?  Do you leave a meeting and immediately check your phone to see what you missed while you “wasted” time talking to an actual person?  Face to face interaction has become a nuisance in our culture.  It seems much more effective to get things done virtually, but in the process we have lost a lot of what really matters: connection. Not virtual connection but personal connection with other human beings. 

Maybe during this Lenten season a “technology fast” is in order.  Obviously some connection is needed for work, but chances are a lot of the things we are connected to are things we could do away with or refine the way we access them. 


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