Lent Day 29: Leadership vs Control

In the process of looking deeper into control, I have had to ask myself a difficult question: What is the difference between leadership and control?  I know that I have been commissioned by God to lead.  Specifically for me as a man I have been invited by the Lord to lead my family and my children.  I have also been invited into a role of leadership by God to lead others toward a deeper walk with Jesus.  We all have roles of leadership the Lord has invited to participate in with Him.  So how do we lead without control?

In this journey toward surrender I have found myself not really knowing how to proceed in leadership.  As I read Jesus’ teaching about being great or being a leader, it seems that I have to give up some of my God given abilities to lead.  I find myself asking more questions about how this works than getting clarity about how to proceed.  It seems that if I only serve without communicating to others my needs, then everyone else will benefit and I will miss out on life.  Is that what Jesus did?  Did He sacrifice his own needs and desires in order to care for others?

What I do know is that Jesus is the greatest leader I have ever come across.  I also know that the leaders I most aspire to be like all had one thing in common, an overwhelming affection for Jesus.  I want to lead well in the roles the Lord has called me to but I do not want to miss out on all the Lord has for me in this life.  How do I surrender control of even this desire?

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