Lent Day 29

As I have mentioned this Lenten season, we are addicted to work.  We often get our identity from it, we strive and strive to achieve the next rung of the ladder, and sacrifice relationships on the altar of work.  Even after our workday is done, often our minds are preoccupied with work.

The writer of Ecclesiastes has a good word for us about our tendencies toward work and labor.  “One hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor striving after the wind.” (Eccl 4:6)   One hand full of rest is an open palm.  One handful holds work loosely and puts it in proper perspective allowing for other things besides work to fill the hand.  Two fists full of labor are clinched and do not allow for other things besides work to get in.  The striving comes from placing too high a value on our work is like striving after the wind.  We must ask ourselves, what are we really accomplishing?  A better question is, what are we sacrificing in other areas of our life when work consumes us?  Our posture should be that of an open hand.  Holding work loosely and allowing for all that the Lord has for us in the life to fill us.

As we begin our journey on the road to Calvary, we are wise to sit with a posture of openness for all that the Lord has for us.  He wants to fill our hands with rest.


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