Lent Day 28

The Holy Spirit is a great provider of rest. The Holy Spirit does for us what a bed does for a weary traveler. A bed is where we sleep and receive all the life-giving and life-maintaining benefits of rest. During sleep we are refreshed, our energy replenished and the effects of stress and fatigue are neutralized.

Each of us is a pilgrim in this world, journeying to our home in heaven. The Holy Spirit works in our lives in much the same way as a bed. We need the Holy Spirit in our lives so our spirits can be restored and refreshed. Then we can be renewed, strengthened, and find relief from the pain we suffer as pilgrims on a journey. The great news is the Holy Spirit is in each of us! We have the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living in us and we can tap into the rest only He can provide.

The Spirit of God wants us to rest in Him. His invitation remains. It is not an invitation to enter into something foreign to us but instead to accept the kind of rest only He can provide.

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