Lent Day 25

“I am not worthy love.”  Like many of the lies we are tempted to believe, this one is primarily in the subconscious. It’s not as if we wake up each morning proclaiming that we don’t deserve love, but instead it comes out in the way we go about our day.  Believing that we are loved by God, or any person on this earth, requires a conscious choice.  At some point in our lives through disappointment, tragedy, abuse, a critically bad choice we have made, or some other means this lie creeps in.  Often our reaction to it is to try and earn love.  We experience the feelings of praise from others when we do something to please them, and before we know it we are essentially going about our day begging others to love us.  Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, this pursuit is never enough to fill us, and we are left alone.

One of the most powerful movie scenes that impacted my life was from the movie Good Will Hunting.  The movie is about a young man’s journey of believing he is loved.   Toward the end of the movie Will is having one of his final meetings with his counselor (Robin Williams).  His counselor picks up the file that has pictures of the physical abuse that Will had suffered from his Dad over the years.  When asked about it Will’s response is, “It’s sure not good.”  His counselor closes the file, looks right is Will’s eyes and says, “It’s not your fault.”  Will’s response, “I know.” (he shrugs it off)  The counselor repeats again, “It’s not your fault.” (moving closer to Will).  After the 4th time he repeats it, Will’s demeanor totally changes.  Here is a man standing in front of him offering him his love and care, and Will’s first response is to resist it.  Finally, Will breaks down into Robin Williams’ arms and allows himself to weep.  He let’s go of the pain that has held him back from letting himself be loved and we see breakthrough in his life.

Jesus enters into this place of loneliness in each of us and whispers to us, “I love you.  I really, really, really, love you.”  In fact, God the Father has passed on his best words, the words that He originally spoke to Jesus himself, to us.  “You are my Beloved” (Matt 3:17) The truth is that we are God’s Beloved sons and daughters!  We are worthy of love.  Our only part is to allow ourselves to be loved by God and others.

Lie:  I am not worthy of love.

Truth:  We are God’s sons and daughters, his beloved ones.

“How great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are! “ (1 John 3:1)

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