Lent Day 21: Cure

More thoughts from Kent: If we accept that “cure” is in God’s hands, we are able to give ourselves fully to care for people to whom the Lord directs us, even when we have no solutions to their problems. When we know what we are to do, and what God is to do, we can offer care without being fearful of being drawn into a bottomless pit of human need.

When we care for people in a Biblical way the process is of greater concern than the result.  Our society is dominated by “bottom line” thinking but God values a life that is lived in the small steps that cover a lifetime and leads to forever.

It is important to concentrate on the process for another reason.  Most of the time the “cure” is slow in coming.  If we are preoccupied with the “cure” we miss the blessing from the suffering.  For in the process of suffering and healing we learn the most from the Lord – not at the time when the problem is solved.

And God uses our individual problems to knit the Body together in love for each other.  An obsession with “cure” produces the opposite result.  It makes people feel they are a problem to be solved rather than a person who is being loved with the compassion of Christ.  To know the love of caring people brings strength to all of us.

Shawn: You and I cannot cure anyone, but we can participate in God’s cure for others, and ourselves by simply caring for one another.  Lord, teach me to care.

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