Lent Day 21

It’s April Fools Day but I promise I am not trying to trick you into believing that rest is good for you.  My family and I are taking my own advice (or actually the advice from the Bible that I am reminding us of) and we are on a vacation.  The trip began with very little rest.

We took a red eye flight out of Seattle Monday night to Orlando, FL.  Anna is 8 months pregnant and Moriah and Elijah were confused when we boarded a plane with pillow, blankets and their favorite stuffed animals to fly through the night.  None of us got much sleep on the plane.  We arrived to our destination exhausted and all crashed for 6 hours to begin catching up on our sleep.  It’s amazing what happens to the body when we don’t get proper sleep.  It has taken us three days to get caught up on our rest.  We finally get caught up and are ready to hit the Disney parks and it’s raining Seattle style out there.  Oh well, another day of rest will suit us just fine and we will go and be with Mickey and the gang tomorrow.  It’s supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny tomorrow.  It will be worth the wait.

I am proud of us for getting out of town.  Something happens when we get away.  Our minds are at ease and many of the things that contribute to restlessness leave our thoughts.  The simplicity of vacation lifestyle is good for us.  So, get the calendar out and plan your next trip.  You will be glad you did it.


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