Lent Day 20: 38 Years…Come on!

Today we are exactly half way through Lent 2016. This Lenten season I invited you to consider one area of unbelief in your life.  Have you figured out that area of unbelief?  If not, there is still time.  Maybe it is a lie that you believe about yourself, or another person or God.  During the remainder of Lent you can confess that you cannot change this unbelief on your own and can ask the Lord to replace your unbelief with the truth.  After all, it’s only been 20 days…it took this guy 38 years:

A guy by a pool for 38 years, are you kidding me? Either this guy had incredible patience or he was stuck in a pattern of believing the wrong way to get healing. When Jesus comes on the scene he asks that man what seems to be a ridiculous question: “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6) Is Jesus being cruel with that question, of course this guy wants to get well…or does he? When Jesus asks him point blank if he wants to be well, the man starts making excuses for his life. He doesn’t even answer the question! He sees himself as a victim and can only see his pain. Does this sound familiar? How many people, and I include myself in this question, are so caught up in life’s circumstance that we can’t even answer Jesus directly when he offers to heal us? He asks, “Do you really want to get well?”, and we answer with reasons from our past or present situation that disqualify us from true healing. Jesus looks right past our unbelief and offers to heal us anyway. His comment to the man by the pool is a good word for us moving forward. “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” (v.15). In other words, stop counting on a false savior (angels in the water), and start believing.

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