Lent Day 2: The Story Continues

I mentioned in my post yesterday that my life story was shaped by my parents divorce when I was a young boy.  Though I have been tempted to use my parents’ divorce and the subsequent childhood burdens as a crutch, the blog is not about that. And neither am I. No, it’s about something other than. It’s about more. Yes, there is difficulty and pain in life, but heartache and disappointment are not the final script.

As the forty-year old me, I have now been oriented in the direction of a Superior Reality. This new narrative goes beyond unbelief. It’s there for all to hear. It seems completely new. Yet, somehow it sounds familiar.   When we lean in, we encounter an easy voice from some unseen ridge welling up with excitement and welcoming us to a party in which we didn’t know we had received an invitation.

Can you hear it? What story are you telling yourself? What lies are you believing?  Are you willing to engage in a larger story? Lean in… it is quite other than.

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