Lent Day 19: Nomophobia

Did you know that addiction to smartphones actually has a term now, nomophobia.  Oh yea, it’s true.  Take a look at the thoughts below to see how you are doing with regards to addiction to that device in your pocket:

“Anxiety about going phone-less manifests itself in telltale signs.  People who are said to suffer with nomophobia report being unable to turn their phones off.  They worry over running out of battery power.  They constantly check for new emails and text messages and calls.  And they don’t even want to go to the restroom without their phones.  

If this sounds like much to do about nothing, it isn’t.  When human beings feel at a loss without mobile technology to anchor their moods and make them feel safe and content, then they are vulnerable to limiting interpersonal contact that interferes with their access to that technology.  That can mean less outdoor activity, less conversation, less intimacy and less reliance on one’s own fund of knowledge and ability to structure time and tasks.

Needing anything in order to feel normal and free from panic—whether a phone or three glasses of wine—is a disability.”

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Wow, scary and convicting at the same time…


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