Lent Day 19

The last of the great words from Peterson: “The two biblical reasons for Sabbath-keeping develop into parallel Sabbath activities of praying and playing. The activities are alike enough to share the same day and different enough to require each other for a complementary wholeness.”

In our family Sabbath we do our best to combine these two practices, playing and praying. We spend time in God’s word together and often have one of our kids say the pray at the end. We sing simple kid songs like “Jesus, Jesus” and “This little light of mine.” Next, it’s off to the park on some little adventure to get us out of the house into God’s beauty. We play together as a family and something mysterious happens. We laugh and run and all of the sudden we remember again why God gave us the gift of relationship with one another.

Playing and praying go hand in hand. Give it a try and you will see. Our Father loves it when we play and he loves it when we pray and worship Him. In his eyes both are sacred activities.

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