Lent Day 18: Fasting 101 (A How To)

If you are interested in fasting from food and are wondering about the best way to try it out, this has worked well for me:
Eat dinner normally on the day before you are going to fast.  Pass on any late night dessert or snack before bed.  Drink some water and go to sleep.  When you wake up drink some more water (pass on any fruit juice due to the sugar).  Skip breakfast, and if you have a family you are attending to, don’t make a big deal of you not eating with them.  Next, in advance, pick a day when you don’t have a lunch meeting or gathering where it would be awkward not to eat.  During the time that you would usually eat lunch, pause to relax, breathe and consciously remind yourself that you are abstaining from food as a way to honor God.  The last part of Fasting 101 is up to you.  If you are new to fasting I would suggest breaking your fast with dinner (so a 24 hr fast, dinner to dinner).  If you would like to continue to the fast ,you skip dinner and “break-the-fast” with breakfast the next morning.  Whenever you choose to break it, do so with a half an apple of banana, celery, carrots or a few nuts 30 minutes before your regular meal.  Lastly, drink a lot of water thoughout the day and carry mints or gum (the breath gets a little funky). 

Any time we fast we are asking the Lord to do something in us that we cannot do ourselves. I highly recommend reading Read Isaiah 58:1-10 a few times during your fast.   It’s by far, my favorite passage on fasting.  And don’t forget, Jesus said, “When you fast…”, not “if you fast”.

“The Church has given us a teacher who surpasses all others and who can reach us everywhere.  It is holy fasting.  God does not need our fasting, he does not need our prayer.  He instead allows us to bring Him offerings for the sake of our own salvation.”  Tito Colliander

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one of my favorite fasting quotes is from my teacher at the Honor Academy “fasting is not doing anything (literally) so therefore fasting cannot earn you anything.” his point is not that we should not fast but that our motivation is not to “earn” anything as if we were giving God something by not doing something but rather that fasting is a way of humbling ourselves and posturing our hearts before God because we know we can’t earn anything. therefore we put total dependence on Him. another one from the same teacher. “if you feel more holy at the end of a 40 day fast than 1 minute after repenting from your worst sin you are relating to God based on your own righteousness, not Christs righteousness.” just thought i would share. Be blessed.

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