Lent Day 18

More from Peterson: “When I quit my days work, nothing essential stops. I prepare for sleep not with a feeling of exhausted frustration because there is so much left undone and unfinished, but with expectancy. The day is about to begin. God’s genesis words are about to be spoken again. During the hours of my sleep, how will He prepare to use my obedience, service, and speech when morning breaks? I go to sleep to get out of the way for a while. I get into the rhythm of salvation.”

What is your state of mind as you prepare for bed? Is it similar to that of Eugene Peterson, or are you still hurried and worried about all that didn’t get done during the day? We are wise to take a page from Peterson’s book and inlay it on our lives. Our Father wants us to rest. He created us for calmness and peace, and we will only experience that if we will trust that He is in control. The prophet Isaiah reminds us, “in quietness and trust is your strength” (30:15). We must trust that the Lord has us in order to lay our heads down at night and rest in Him.

Tonight as you prepare for bed remember that God is in control of all of the important things. He is not worried about what we left undone during the day. He continues to make all things new if we will let Him.

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