Lent Day 17

Today is our oldest daughter, Moriah’s, 5th birthday.  What a joy and privilege it is to get to be a daddy!

I would like to day that the Scripture alone compelled me to take Sabbath rest seriously, but it was actually Eugene Peterson who got me thinking in this direction 10 years ago.  I picked up what has become one of my favorite books, Working the Angles. This is some of what Eugene has to say:  “Sabbath means quit.  Stop. Take a break.  Cool it.  The word itself has nothing devout about it.  It is a word about time, denoting our nonuse of it, what we usually call wasting time.”

What do you do to “waste time?”  As long as it is not destructive or doesn’t cause you to neglect relationships and family, whatever you do keep doing it.  Don’t give in to the temptation to feel bad about not being productive.  To be nonproductive is to be human.  When we stop and quit the day-to-day tasks of life we actually become a better version of ourselves.  Wasting time allows us to remember what is important.  It realigns us to return to a life of work with a better perspective on life and relationships.

This week do your best to waste some time.  I know it will feel funny at first but do it anyway.  There is life there.


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