Lent Day 16

Lectio Divina is a method of contemplative prayer that leads us to resting in God with scripture at the center. It is primarily a way of listening to the Scripture.

The monks of the middle ages identified four levels of listening to the same passage. Literal: focuses on the historical message that is being communicated. Moral: considers what putting this passage to practice looks like. Allegorical: identifying one’s own personal spiritual journey with what is being communicated in the text. Unitive: being so immersed in the word of God that the word comes out as a continuing revelation.

Experiencing these different levels takes time. We need to sit with a passage a scripture long enough to let the Lord speak to us through it. The four steps in their simplest understanding involve Reading, Reflecting, Responding and Resting.

For more on Lectio Divina see: Give it a try. This way of resting in God is especially meaningful in a small group setting. Going through the four stages together around a passage of scripture can be a transformational experience.

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