Lent Day 13: Out of Control

This summer I was on my annual kayak trip with my buddy Ryan. We took out from an island mid-morning and the water was calm.  Once we got around the point of the island, the weather changed drastically! Soon we found ourselves drenched with water slugging through two-foot waves wondering if we were going to tip over. Thick fog set in and we could not see any landmass around us. We were truly out of control!

In this moment of fear and wonder the Lord spoke to me: “Shawn if you will just release control of everything, I’ll blow your mind.”  He wasn’t just talking about that moment; he was talking about my life. Obviously, He knows my tendency to want to control. I believe what He was doing was inviting me into a new way of doing life through surrender. Six months removed from that trip I can say I have seen glimpses of what He was inviting me into. I have managed to release control of a few situations and key relationships and he is opening my eyes to a whole other way.

I texted a guy last week who I haven’t seen in a few months months.  We were setting up a time to grab coffee this week.  At the end of the my last text I said, “Looking forward to sharing what’s been going on. The Lord is blowing my mind.”  It wasn’t until moments later that I realized what I had said – the Lord is indeed blowing my mind, just as He promised on the rough waters that day. My hope is that I will learn to lean more into opportunities to release control as the Lord invites me deeper into a life of surrender.

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Shawn – it’s taken me a little longer to trust God and let go. But at 69, He’s led me too realize that it’s never too late. Better now than never! It just takes some of us a little longer. But He never gives up on us…even us old guys!

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