Lent Day 13

I have commented on it before in The Petree Dish, but it is worth mentioning again during this season of Lent. How is it that we have allowed for, “Staying busy” to be an accepted response to, “How are you doing?” Someone asks a legitimate question involving how and who, and a common response is what. How utilitarian can we be???? We are so eager to let other people know that we are important, that we miss an opportunity to enter into meaningful conversation about how we are doing.

Why is “staying busy” viewed as such a positive thing? Our rationale about busy-ness reminds me of the Romans, “1:21 Our thinking has become futile and our hearts have become darkened. What used to be seen as a gift from God (rest) is now viewed in a negative light. If we are not staying busy than we are somehow missing out on all the world has to offer. Instead of giving thanks to God and bringing our rest to Him as an offering, we have gone astray and have become “less than human”, more like machines, insisting that we are productive.

Do me a favor. Actually, do yourself a favor. The next time someone asks you how you are doing answer them, and ask how they are doing. It might just lead to a real conversation.

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