Lent Day 12: Help and Rescue

One of the best daily prayers from scripture is simple and powerful.  “Come to my help of God, Lord hurry to my rescue.”  (Ps 70:1)  If we are going to get through this Lenten season we need both help and rescue from the Lord.    Help is the practical work of the Lord, while rescue is the supernatural work.  We need both from Him. 

 Help comes in a few ways.  Scripture is a great help.  It tells us the truth about ourselves and God and causes us to want to be like him.  Help is also other believers who are there for us when temptation is overwhelming.  Help is prayer, both talking to God and listening to His voice telling us that we are loved. 

Rescue, to me, is a different level.  Only God is capable of rescue.  What’s interesting is that addiction is a place we often turn for our own version of rescue.  If we are in a stressful situation we turn to addiction to “rescue” us and calm us down.  We have a fight with someone or things are going good at work and we turn to our addiction.  We are feeling bad about ourselves or our current situation so we turn to addiction.  The addiction seems like momentary rescue, but it actually is the opposite of rescue.  It is a false rescue for the only true rescue comes from our Creator.   We need help and we need rescue, and the source of both of these is the God who loves us and wants to see us soar. 


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