Lent Day 12

Somewhere along the way we have misunderstood Jesus’ self-proclaimed “mission statement”.  Before you read the next few sentences try a little trivia:  What was Jesus’ purpose for coming?  In His own words he said, “The Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost.”  (Luke 19:10)  Stephen Covey would be proud.  A twelve word, very clear mission statement for his life. I bet Jesus even had it memorized.

If you fall into the category of most people, you didn’t get the trivia question right.  If anything, you were close and came up with something like, “to seek and save the lost.”  This understanding of Jesus’ purpose misses out on a huge component, the WHAT.  Jesus told us He came to seek and save WHAT was lost.  So what was lost?  Many things, but one thing often overlooked is the freedom to rest.  Before the fall Adam and Eve leisurely walked in the Garden with God.  Their punishment for the choices in the Garden involved hard work and pain.  We accept this lot as our own and don’t lean into Jesus’ offer to restore rest to us.

So what is the WHAT for you?  Is it unrest, anxiety, worry, wonder for what the day will bring?  Jesus came to take away all of that and invite us into His rest.


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