Lent Day 11: The Right to Be Sinful

The newness of Lent has worn off and now it is time to head into the long days of commitment to change.  I don’t know about you, but I have been tempted more than usual to return to old patterns since making this commitment for Lent.  The Enemy does not like it when we change, and tends to put on the “full court press” in order to get us to stumble. 

One of the tools of the enemy is to get us to justify addictive behavior.  Especially when we have done a good job for a stint of saying no to choices that keep Jesus from being the center of our lives.  Once we have gone a few days or weeks of making good choices the voices creep in that we somehow deserve to return to our old ways.  There is a prayer that I pray each morning that says, “I pray for an attitude today that I do not have the right to be sinful, to act sinful.”  That’s what it often boils down to for me, convincing myself that I have the right because I have done a good job of making good choices for a few days or weeks. 

So as we head into a new day, a new week, let’s pray together that we would not give into the temptation to believe that we have the right to be sinful or act sinful.  The Enemy is cunning, but the Lord has given us to strength to overcome all temptation. 


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Shawn this one really hits the spot for me.

I have a devil that I tangled with and have overcome with patience and attention. But the devil is always on my shoulder whispering that I’ve done so good for going on 8 years, I deserve to taste again. No one would ever know if I just did it for old times sake. Except me and God.

is this a private conversation or visible to others? The full story is not something I want to share broadly but trust you and I could discuss. Pieces of which might be useful for you or others.

We move and are really enjoying Phoenix. While the work hasn’t turned out to be what I expected but it is working out, and we love the winters here. We got here in June and suffered through the very hot summer, but once it got to 100 we have been fine.

Konnie and I are enjoying your Lenten postings.


Craig – great to hear from you. I am glad that you and Konnie are following along together for the Lenten readings. This is a private conversation, not visible to others. I would welcome a phone conversation or you can share more through typing if you would like. I would like to know more about your journey. You can reply here or call me at 206.261.2813.

Phoenix, I am jealous! I would welcome some Phoenix weather this time of year. Look forward to hearing from you again. Shawn

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