Lent Day 10

One of my favorite forms of rest is getting away with some buddies.  Whether it is a weekend at someone’s vacation house, a destination trip, or an adventure into the woods or on the water, it is very restful to get away with friends.  While I have no idea what women’s retreats are like, I can only assume they are similar to guys’ trips in that something special happens when friends get away together.  We slowly let go of the pose that ‘everything is ok’ and begin to talk about real life.
Jesus modeled this type of rest with his closest friends. “And they went away in the boat to a desolate place by themselves.” (Mark 6:32)  These guys got away together to rest and refill their tanks for what the Father had for them.  This is significant to note.  After all, Jesus’ time on earth was short.  Didn’t He have work to do?  What was He doing wasting time hanging with his friends?  He was modeling a way of life that included individual and corporate rest.  He was demonstrating that if He himself took time to do this, then we should make it part of our rhythm as well.
So, plan that trip! Get it on the calendar and see what the Lord has for you.  Obedience always has a good outcome.

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